Monday, August 20, 2012

{The Powers of Heaven by Elder Bednar}

A reader in California is preparing for a lesson next Sunday.

I received this email today.

"I am teaching the lesson next week and it is from the Priesthood Session of our last conference.    It is The Powers of Heaven by Elder Bednar.  Basically, it is encouraging the men to do a better job in their priesthood responsibilities.   I am really struggling with how I can relate this lesson to the Relief Society sisters and make it fun and interesting.   Several sisters are not married so I don’t want to dwell on ‘how to support your husbands in the Priesthood’.   Any thoughts or ideas??????"

Comment below with your thoughts and ideas. I'll start thinking too!



  2. I quickly breezed through the talk so I'm hoping these stay on topic.
    I might use this lesson for the YW and pull quotes from Bednar's Conference but use a similar outline from the YW lesson here:
    & this cute handout:
    There is also this book that might have some good ideas on how we as women can, through the priesthood holders who surround us (Bishop's, Home Teachers, Neighbors, Family etc) can utilize the Priesthood to our benefit.?.?